Broadcast Entrepreneur, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Hopes To Save Lives With New Protective Shield That Kills 99.99% Of Germs

DETROIT/PRNEWSWIRE - Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, founder and CEO of The Impact Network - the world's largest independent African-American faith-based Television  Network - has partnered with Invisi Smart Technologies, an innovative forward-thinking infection prevention technology company that has developed a long-lasting protective treatment to combat the ever-increasing threat of pathogens, including COVID-19.

The UK-based company, led by Saba Yussouf, has engineered a next-generation solution that kills 99.99% of germs - providing people, healthcare professionals and businesses with long-lasting invisible protection. According to a Cambridge study, Invisi Smart's technology has been verified by robust laboratory and clinical evidence and has been tested against the SARS-CoV-2's live virus.

As a community advocate, faith leader and entrepreneur, Bishop Jackson felt this technology was needed to help secure the lives, health, and safety of members of the African American community as well as places of worship. Especially because the COVID pandemic has been especially hard on the Black community and communities of color.

"Many African-Americans find themselves on the front line of this crisis serving as essential workers with many of them having pre-existing conditions, making them exceptionally susceptible to the disease," Bishop Jackson said. "We're hoping to offer some sort of protection and peace of mind, so that we can preserve lives, simply by spraying this protective shield at places of businesses and other community environments."

As a pastor of more than 30 years, Bishop Jackson would love for not only his congregation but congregations all over to be able to gather together again in worship, safely and securely. He already has had Invisi Smart Technology applied at his local ministry in Detroit, Mich.

"Our distinguished team of scientists have engineered a high-performing, long-lasting solution, which is gentle and safe for humans, animals and the environment," said Saba Yussouf, CEO of Invsi Smart Technologies. "We have bottled the sanitizing powers of our unique formulation and made them commercially available to businesses and households with a simple application process. "We are excited to partner with Bishop Jackson in his continued efforts to ensure the highest quality of life for those communities in need."

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