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BELLcommunity is "your place to talk and hang out." You can give us feedback, share story ideas and tell us what is important to you and the community. Plus, this is where we will host discussions for designated events and on our featured themes. Discord developed as a place for gamers but has evolved as an atmosphere for building community.

Ultimately, we want to create a journalistic world that allows you to be a citizen journalist and that gives us an opportunity to work together in solving problems and creating change. Much like our namesake Ida B. Wells-Barnett...

These powerful quotes and the legacy of Ida B. Wells-Barnett serve as the backdrop for the efforts of BELLbulletin. While "discord" has a negative connotation, it may be necessary to go through a time of disagreement or disharmony in order to reach an accord. BELLcommunity is a place of respect and unity. Let's starting talking...

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