Commissary Club To Be The First Social Network Uniting 1 In 3 Americans Living With A Criminal Record

Commissary Club, the first social network exclusively for the formerly incarcerated, announced its official launch.

Commissary Club is a platform designed to connect the more than 70 million Americans who are striving to move past their criminal histories and lead a productive life. Like other social networks, users have a "feed" where they can share thoughts, video content and make connections.

"Our users have led unique lives," said Commissary Club founder and CEO Richard Bronson. "They've paid their dues, done their time and are ready to move on with their lives. We don't believe they should be considered second-class citizens, therefore we wanted to develop a social community that will give them the tools and encouragement to leave their past behind."

In addition to the user feed, Commissary Club features essential goods and services that have been designed and vetted for this population. Users of the site, which is free to join, can access concierge-level help with employment, housing, classes, mentorships, medical and legal help and much more, including information regarding voting. Additionally, a variety of creative "influencers" will be featured, having a platform to display their work.

Bronson himself spent time in federal prison, where he experienced firsthand the challenges of reentry. "Anyone who's done time knows that when you get out, it's incredibly hard to land a job, find housing and take care of your family. We aim to provide all the necessary resources in one place."

The Commissary Club team is not new to working with this population. Four years ago, Bronson launched 70 Million Jobs, the first national, for-profit employment platform for people with records. A Y Combinator company that is VC-funded, 70 Million Jobs has been successful in helping thousands of deserving men and women find employment. Commissary Club will continue those operations.

Sign up to be a part of Commissary Club and stay tuned to the social network for continued news and updates.

Commissary Club - The Exclusive Social Network for People with Criminal Histories
Commissary Club is not for everyone. If you have a criminal record, it’s your space to access exclusive offers, private celebrity events, mentors, jobs, and a community that understands life after incarceration.
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